Governor John Kasich announced on Thursday he will veto any Stand Your Ground Bill and urged lawmakers on to pass a “red flag” bill that allows guns to be confiscated from individuals dangerous to themselves or others. 

“We just saw another (13) people killed out in California in a bar. I was just a couple days ago when we saw people slaughtered in a yoga facility,” Kasich said. “The idea and I hope we can do this, is that if somebody in our family or our workplace is emotionally unstable and poses a threat we should have the ability to go to court and take guns from those people until they can be stabilized.”

Kasich’s comments came as he dedicated the Buckeye Lake dam, which was finished early and under budget.

The proposed bill is similar to laws in California, Connecticut, Indiana, Oregon and Washington. Eighteen other states and the District of Columbia have proposed similar laws. 

Kasich said there’s no reason why red flag laws should not be approved in Ohio

“There’s no excuse for not doing it. It would be terrible not to do it in this lame duck session,” Kasich said.

In addition, Kasich praised Republican candidates in Ohio for winning their races on Election Day.

Kasich noted that Republican candidates for governor in Illinois and Wisconsin and Michigan lost.

The reason Republicans in Ohio won: “Because we’re all in the same boat. If we’re rich, if we’re poor, if we’re a minority, doesn’t matter. All of us are brothers and sisters to one another,” Kasich said.