BEXLEY, Ohio (WCMH) — In 2004, at 57 years old, Jack Roth, an avid runner, lost his battle with lung cancer.

Since then, his legacy has grown thanks to his daughter, Maren, his wife, Janice, and countless others who have given their time to make the Jack Roth Rock ‘N Run in his honor such a success.

But all good things come to an end and this year will mark the end of the run. But not the legacy.

So far, $1.5 million have been raised for The Jack Roth Fund which supports research and treatment for lung cancer, the Jack Roth Camp Netaim-Ramah Noam, a program in Israel to benefit children with special needs, and this year for the Janice Roth Education fund at the Jewish Community Center.

“The impact that we’ve had, I think, on cancer research in particular is what I’m most proud of. Because my dad just wanted more time,” said Maren Roth, Jack Roth Rock ‘N Run founder.

“And it just means so much to me that we can do some small thing to possibly extend life so they can have more time with their kids, with their grandkids and meet their grandchildren because my dad never got to.”

This year’s race is an emotional one not only because it’s the end, but it’s also the first in-person race since the death of Janice.

“She knew we were going to end it. But you know it’s emotional because she’s not going to be there and she was the heart and soul of it,” said Maren.

“It’s emotional because I see my dad’s face everywhere on these t-shirts. It’s emotional because friends and family won’t be coming in for it anymore and it was such an anchor every year for people to come and get together. But it’s also really awesome, you know. It’s exciting because so many people are excited about it and they’re coming for it and they’re looking forward to it so it’s bittersweet.”

The Jack Roth Rock ‘N Run is happening Sunday, June 12 at 9:00am starting at the Cassingham Elementary School.

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