GROVEPORT, Ohio (WCMH) — As veterans around central Ohio are honored for their service on Veteran’s Day, Motts Military Museum in Groveport will also honor those veterans’ canine allies.

“I never get tired of looking at this stuff,” said Edward Reeves, an Army veteran and regular museum volunteer.

Reeves is one of 50 other volunteers and veterans who work to keep the museum running, with its countless artifacts and numerous exhibits. Assistant director Loti Motts manages the museum, alongside her father Warren Motts.

Lori said the museum has historical artifacts dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War — only about 60% of their full collection is out at a time. But one of their latest exhibits is a Vietnam Veteran memorial dedicated to war dogs.

After serving as a dog handler, Reeves decided he wanted to volunteer for the museum.

When Reeves told Warren he was a dog handler, Warren told Reeves he’d always wanted to do something for the dogs. Eventually it led to them building a memorial that features the names of 4,244 canines, including Reeves’ dog Prince.

The memorial also brought in other dog handlers, like Air Force veteran Tom King.

“I hadn’t talked to another dog handler for forty years, until I came out here one day with my brother, and Warren introduced me to Ed Reeves,” King said.

Those bonds have continued to grow throughout the community, as veterans from all over central Ohio come to reminisce and remember their fallen comrades.

“It’s kind of a healing place. They can look at it, and if they know other veterans are here, we’ve kind of been there, done that. It makes it easier for them,” said Reeves.

The Motts Military Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, and more information is available on their website.