COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Columbus officials are asking for the public’s help in identifying people involved in incidents between police and protestors this summer as it continues an independent investigation into police conduct.

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther launched the investigation in June. He established an email account for the public to send complaints, video and photographs. An independent committee reviewed the complaints, and a retired FBI agent was hired to investigate them.

Now the city needs help in identifying people involved in some of the encounters, whether members of the public or police officers. A webpage includes videos from four encounters, all Downtown:

  • On May 30, a female protestor standing in the middle of the street was shot in the leg by a wooden bullet.
  • On May, 30 or 31, a police officer peppered-sprayed two protestors kneeling in a crosswalk.
  • On May 29, a SWAT officer pepper-sprayed a couple at a bank.
  • On May 29, a woman was pepper-sprayed by officers on a street corner.

Videos of the encounters may be viewed here, along with ways to submit information, either publicly or anonymously.

According to a news release, as investigations are completed, findings will be turned over to a special prosecutor hired by the Columbus City Attorney’s office.