COLUMBUS (WCMH) — It was an act of kindness by police for a woman whose birthday passed unnoticed.

Thelma had just turned 96 years old and casually told a Columbus Police officer called to her home that it was her birthday and she had no family to celebrate with.

That’s when two officers stepped up.

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 “It was so sweet, it just made me feel so good,” she said. “Somebody cares for me, I didn’t think anybody cared, because I feel so alone, I lost my husband many years ago,” Thelma said.

She said she had also outlived her six brothers and sister too. But she could not say enough kind words for the two officers who showed her someone still cared.

“I said they must care for me because I have never had nothing like this before. I said, ‘I feel like I am rich, I felt like God let me know I’m not here alone,’” Thelma said.

Officer Adam Hardwick had his wife buy a chocolate cake at Kroger the next day after his visit. Then he and Officer Mel Romans returned and sang happy birthday to her.

Their lieutenant had pictures posted on the Columbus Division of Police Facebook page, where NBC4 saw it.  The officers said they did not do it for a pat on the back, but said it tugged on their heart-strings.

“I kept thinking about it because she said she had not gotten any cake. Nobody had stopped by and seen her,” Officer Hardwick said.

He said they were called to her home earlier to fix her door after she reported to police about it not locking.

“I came in the house and we changed the clocks on her stove and microwave, and I got her keys labeled for her, so she knew which went to the front and back door,” said Hardwick.

“I am going to keep this container forever because police brought me a birthday cake,” Thelma told the officers.

 My mom and dad had always taught me respect people and be nice and help them out as much as possible,” Hardwick said.

You can send Thelma a birthday card by addressing it to Thelma and sending it to: Columbus Division of Police, 120 Marconi Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43215.