COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The wife of the former Mount Carmel doctor who is under investigation for allegedly ordering excessive doses of pain medicine for at least 34 patients, many of whom hospital leaders say may have died as a result of the drugs administered, has now been named in one of the ten wrongful death lawsuits that her husband faces.

According to David Shroyer, the attorney for Jan Thomas’s family, medical records indicate Mariah Baird administered 800 micrograms of pain medication to Thomas, a prescription he said was ordered by Husel.

Thomas, as the lawsuit states, died within minutes of being administered the drug.

A Mount Carmel spokeswoman had previously said 23 employees, including nurses, pharmacists and members of the hospital management team have been placed on administrative leave, while hospital leaders investigate what happened.

NBC4 asked if any of those 23 employees were related to Husel, and we received the following response:

We will not be releasing any information on the 23 employees who are on administrative leave, out of respect for their privacy. 

According to the Ohio Board of Nursing, Baird’s nursing license was issued on October 8, 2014, and it remains active.

Public records show Baird and Husel were married in October 2017, in North Carolina.