COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The murder case against a former Mount Carmel doctor will continue.

Judge Michael Holbrook denied a motion Friday from attorneys for Dr. William Husel to dismiss the charges. Husel is facing 25 counts of murder for ordering potentially lethal amounts of painkillers and other drugs.

The attorneys argued earlier this week that prosecutors misled the grand jury that indicted Husel by holding back evidence that showed some of the doses were not lethal.

“Circumstances … do not support a finding that it is probable the failure to disclose grand jury testimony will deprive Defendant of a fair trial,” Holbrook wrote in his seven-page decision.

Husel pleaded not guilty to the charges in 2019 in one of the biggest cases of its kind ever brought against a U.S. healthcare professional. Husel contends he was providing comfort care to dying patients, not trying to kill them.

Lawsuits settled by Mount Carmel Health System have reached more than $16.7 million.

A trial date has been set for Feb. 14.