COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A new wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Mount Carmel Health System and Dr. William Husel.

Thomas D. Mathews Jr. was one of the people who died as a result of a lethal dose of fentanyl, according to the lawsuit.

Husel has been charged with murder in the deaths of 25 hospital patients who authorities say were deliberately given overdoses of painkillers. 

According to the lawsuit, Mathews was admitted to Mount Carmel on Nov. 12, 2017, after becoming unresponsive at his Columbus home.

Mathews underwent emergency exploratory surgery that same day, at which time he was admitted to the intensive care unit, the lawsuit states.

Husel was Mathews appointed doctor while he was in the ICU, the lawsuit states.

According to the lawsuit:

Upon information and belief, Defendant Husel ordered that 500 micrograms of the drug Fentanyl be given to Thomas D. Mathews, Jr. through his IV.

This excessive dosage was grossly inappropriate and was either ordered negligently and not properly reviewed or was intentionally prescribed by Defendant Husel for the purpose of ending Thomas D. Mathews, Jr.’s life.

The lawsuit states Mathews died Nov. 20 within minutes of being administered the fentanyl.

Husel and Mt. Carmel are facing more than 30 wrongful death lawsuits associated with Husel’s case.

The defendants listed on the lawsuit are:

  • Mount Carmel Health System
  • Mount Carmel West
  • Trinity Health System (Mount Carmel’s parent company)
  • William S. Husel, D.O.
  • Mount Carmel Medical Group

In addition, several nurses and pharmacists employed by Mount Carmel are also listed.