COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Former Mount Carmel doctor William Husel was found not guilty Wednesday in the deaths of 14 people under his care.

Now, in an interview posted to, he tells his side of what happened.

In the interview, Husel recounts the day he learned of an investigation into his medical practices and then later learning he was being charged with murder.

Husel also detailed his job as an ICU physician and how it was up to him to let families know just how sick their family member was.

The interview, according to the magazine, was conducted before Wednesday’s verdict.

Husel concludes the interview by saying he feels grief for the families of the patients he lost.

During the six weeks of testimony, Husel’s defense team called just one witness, Dr. Joel Zivot, a physician from Emory University. Husel did not testify in his own defense.

Mount Carmel and Husel are listed as defendants in 10 civil cases tied to the patients’ deaths. The first of those cases is scheduled to be heard in June.

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