COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Jurors in the William Husel murder trial resumed deliberations Monday afternoon after reporting to the judge that they were at an impasse.

Judge Michael Holbrook ordered them to continue working toward reaching a verdict. About two hours after reconvening, they came back with a question asking for further guidance on what constitutes “reasonable doubt.” They wrapped for the day about an hour later.

Deliberations began Tuesday on 14 counts of murder against Husel, a former physician who is accused of ordering lethal amounts of fentanyl and other drugs for ICU patients at the old Mount Carmel West hospital from 2015 to ’18.

Opening statements in Franklin County Common Pleas Court took place on Feb. 22. The prosecution called 53 witnesses, and the defense only one, who discussed comfort care.

Husel, 46, is facing the possibility of life in prison. In jury instructions, Holbrook told jurors to consider the lesser offense of attempted murder for each of the counts.