COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — After three days of jury selection, 12 individuals have been selected for the jury in the pending murder trial of former Mount Carmel doctor William Husel.

The jury for the trial will also have six alternates who will be going over rules and expectations with Judge Michael Holbrook.

Holbrook said once the jury is seated, the trial will be held four days a week. Last month, prosecutors said they anticipate the trial lasting seven weeks; defense attorneys said they are planning for eight weeks.

The makeup of the jury members is a seven to five split between women and men, respectively. Five of the six alternate jury members are women.

Husel is facing 14 murder charges after being accused in connection with the deaths of 25 patients. Husel is accused of providing fatal doses of fentanyl to critically ill patients.

The opening arguments in the trial will be begin Tuesday Feb. 22.