COLUMBUS (WCMH)– On Saturday hundreds of red wagons were built as a part of Wagons Ho Ho Ho. The program began more than a decade ago to help us all remember during the holidays just how fortunate we are. 

Assembly lines of volunteers to put together 1,500 wagons all going to families in need this Christmas.

Aubrey Hood was at the event volunteering with her parents as she explains, “We’re building wagons for kids and then we’re going to put canned food in it so people can have Christmas dinners.”

Donn Ditzhazy is a Board Member for Wagons Ho Ho Ho, “We started with just 25 wagons 11 years ago now we’re doing 1,500 wagons.”

From 25 to 1,500! More than 700 volunteers making this a community… “Bringing people together to help others that’s what it’s all about in the Christmas season,” Ditzhany.

Ryan Fleming brought along his two Brooks and Reid boys to help volunteer saying, “It’s important to serve others you know we all have way more than we deserve and this is a way to give back to people that are a little less fortunate and do our part.”

A tradition… making these volunteers happy to spend their day knowing they are helping families right here in our community.

“I think that a lot of people will deserve to have Christmas dinner,” says Hood.

“Merry Christmas!” says Brooks Fleming.

Once the wagons are built, the donated food is placed inside then they are sent off to 1500 families.

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