COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – When families set out to adopt a dog from the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center, they often already know exactly what kind of dog they are looking to adopt.

There are times people want a certain pattern of spots or even unique markings because that makes the dog different than others. Whether you want to adopt a dog, the shelter encourages you to simply show up and find your forever friend. Whether the dog is large, small, old, or young the shelter’s staff is sure there is a that is the right fit for your family.

“If you do know what dog you want, I do recommend going on our website and looking at the personalities and attributes of the dogs,” assistant director Dwayne Young said. “Maybe have a list of four to five dogs that you’re interested in.”

You are welcome to come regardless if you are completely organized with a plan or you want to make a journey out of finding the right dog. When you arrive, an adoption counselor will assist you and even give you suggestions based on your lifestyle.

The FCDS website has hundreds of furry friends ready to be searched. Many have a bio that explains what activities the dog enjoys, if they know commands and how they behave in social settings.

Of course, you can scroll through the pictures on the page and simply choose the cuteness of the dog.

Bella, a mixed breed 4.9-year-old cuddles during an overnight stay away from the shelter. (Photo provided by FCDS)

Name: Bella
Age: 4.9 Years
Breed: Pit Bull (Mix)
Adult Size: Large
Weight: 64 lbs
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Adoption Amount: $18

Good with children 12 and above
Shelter Favorite
Shy Dog has profiled dozens of dogs since March online and on TV. One example is Bella, pictured here. Her bio explains that she is loving and just wants to be next to her person. What makes her profile stand out are the photos of her lounging around and cuddling with a person during a recent home visit.

Things to note about Bella are that she is housebroken, crate-trained and good with kids 12 and older. Is Bella the right dog for you? The only way to know is to spend some time with this 5-year-old mixed breed.

The shelter offers a number of outdoor play areas, a walking path, and a sensory garden for you to see how she behaves in various scenarios. The next step would be to give her a try at home.

“We’ll help guide you through the whole process,” said Young.

During the week of the Clear the Shelters event, the shelter is offering a “sleepover weekend.” This is when a dog can be taken home for the weekend, and it began Thursday.

All sleepover supplies will be provided. You provide your houseguest with a comfy place to rest their heads and lots of love while letting the shelter provide the rest.

Should you fall in love with your houseguest, most adoptions can be finalized over the phone at a later date (waived adoption fee will still apply). Hosts must be able to pick up and return their houseguest within the specified dates/times. This event is not limited to Franklin County residents.

Clear the Shelters Event Schedule

Friday – ALL fees waived*
(Open for lost dog reclaims only.)

SLEEPOVER Saturday – ALL fees waived*
(Open for SLEEPOVERS and lost dog reclaims only.)

SLEEPOVER Sunday – ALL fees waived*
(Open for SLEEPOVERS and lost dog reclaims only.)

(Open for lost dog reclaims only. No adoptions)