COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — More than 100 vehicles were impounded and nearly 300 parking citations were handed out last weekend in the Short North.

Title “Operation Burnout,” the safety measures in the Short North neighborhood are having a sizable impact on residents and businesses. NBC4 spoke to residents on Friday who praised the police presence after multiple violent weekends in a row earlier this month. 

“They’re doing something, and I feel secure,” said Nikhil Birra, a Columbus resident.

Birra bought a home in the Short North one year ago, and said loves living in the neighborhood but was concerned when violence occurred in early May.

“If someone visits, this is where I bring them. So if it negatively impacts them, then it negatively impacts me. Because I’ve been here so long and I want the city to progress,” he said.

Fakar Yohannes owns and operates a food cart, and has set up shot around 10 pm near the corner of High Street and First Avenue for seven years.

“We’re not the most important people when it comes to bars and things. They didn’t give us the choice. They just shut us down. You’re done. Midnight, get out of here or get towed,” he said about the city is shutting down food trucks and carts at midnight.

“This is very uncalled for. This is not, I mean, we may not be the most people who bring a lot of money. But we bring money enough for our family. That is important. For them it’s like we are nothing. So, shut them down,” he said.

The early closing time is taking a major toll on Yohannes’ livelihood, he said.

“For me that’s my business. That’s all I having a living with. Basically I’m closed. I’m just here not to give up,” he explained. “I think we should be fair like everybody, they give them the chance to close early by choice. It should be the same. We are the same, maybe small business, but we are business.”

He expressed concern and frustration for the violence that’s taken place in the Short North. But he said the food carts are not the ones to take it out on.

“What is happening is not our fault or anybody’s fault. When you got people drinking, they will definitely do things that otherwise wouldn’t do. You got people who are young and stupid and crazy,” he said.

The city of Columbus has not given a firm timeline for when the measures might be lifted.