COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A total of five firearms were discovered at John Glenn Columbus International Airport by Transportation Security Administration officers in April, according to the agency.

The TSA noted in a news release that a loaded weapon was discovered most recently on Monday, April 24. So far, 22 guns have been discovered at the airport in 2023. The total number of guns found in 2022 was 40.

“Passengers must remember they’re responsible for the contents of bags, and our advice is they thoroughly inspect all personal belongings to make sure there are no illegal or prohibited items before coming to the airport,” Ohio TSA Federal Security Director Don Barker said. “This simple act could save you lots of time and money, along with avoiding possible arrest with local law enforcement.”

Passengers who bring a firearm to the airport could face penalties as high as $14,950 and lose their TSA PreCheck eligibility for at least five years.

Rules for traveling with a firearm include packing it unloaded, separately from ammunition in a locked hardback case and declaring it at the airline check-in counter. However, gun laws vary by state and locality and it is the responsibility of the firearm owner to make sure they are compliant with each and every jurisdiction.

For more details on how to travel with a firearm visit the TSA website.