COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–Over two hundred Thanksgiving meals are going out to Columbus’ supportive housing community.

“This Thanksgiving service project is a much-beloved tradition in the Harmony Project family,” said Peggy Meckling-Baker, director of Communications for the Harmony Project.

For years, the Harmony Project has held an annual tradition, where they bring hundreds of meals to those in supportive housing and re-entry programs.

That all changed in 2020, once COVID hit.

“Two years ago, we used to all of our members, used to cook and make the meals and serve them,” said Nancy Nathans, volunteer at the Harmony Project.

“Then the pandemic hit, and that wasn’t an option,” said Meckling-Baker.

That didn’t stop Harmony Project from reaching out to their community.

Leading them to partner with local organizations such as the Hubbard Grille, which provided all these turkey dinners.

As well as M/I Homes, which made it possible for them to expand the program to 200 meals.

Now, all those meals have been delivered to supportive housing programs such as The Commons at Buckingham, as well as Alvis, which provides programs and services to individuals coming out of the justice system.

“So we try and do what we can but it’s so generous of the Harmony Project to donate these meals to our clients. It really makes them feel good that somebody in the community cares about them, wants to see them do better, and provides this generous gift to them,” said Linda Janes, Chief Operating Officer for Alvis.

And it’s that support, which Harmony says is helping to keep their Thanksgiving tradition going.

“There’s a lot of elements and a lot of community that comes together to make this project happen, and we are very thankful,” said Meckling-Baker.