COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – After a person collapsed inside a Hilltop Library, a librarian sprang into action to save that person’s life through Narcan.

It happened on a Sunday evening, when Jordan Espino Arvizu, an adult services librarian, was working near the library’s media center.

“We had someone unresponsive at our Hilltop Branch, and so we were trying to talk to them to see what’s going on,” said Arvizu.

She says the staff immediately called 911, while she ran to grab the library’s Naloxone Kit. Then she began administering the medication to help treat the person for an opioid overdose.

“Of course, I was a little nervous, cause it was the first time and you’re worried about the individual but it’s really easy to use,” said Arvizu.

In fact, 23 separate library branches across Columbus are all equipped with one of these NaloxBoxes, thanks to a partnership with the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board, or ADAMH.

“We are still actively placing expanding this program, right now we are placing about 200 boxes,” said McKayla Elliott, a state opioid response program manager with ADAMH.

These NaloxBoxes are being placed inside community centers, churches and other public spaces. So far, ADAMH says they’ve saved at least three lives from an overdose death since the program started.

As for Arvizu, she says this whole experience has only further committed herself to the job and helping others.

“I know I can’t fix it all, but to be able to help them breathe again, felt really encouraging,” said Arvizu.