COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Tim Rush believes in the Hilltop.

Two years ago, he opened Third Way Care on West Broad Street.

“There’s opportunity for growth, there’s opportunity for businesses,” Rush said. “I think there’s a market that wants to support those businesses if they, in fact, come.”

Creating new business opportunities and living-wage jobs is one piece of the city’s new “Envision Hilltop” community plan.

Nick Bankston, project manager with the Columbus Department of Neighborhoods, said the plan targets about a third of the Hilltop geographically with the hope that improvements in one area will fuel improvements throughout.

“Focusing on schools as hubs and meeting children’s needs and families’ needs at the school level, having stable housing options for folks in the neighborhood, and addressing jobs and access to jobs as well,” Bankston said.

Part of the plan is to build a new $14 million state-of-the-art pre-K center next to Highland Elementary School and the J. Ashburn Boys and Girls Club.

Additional details are to be released by Mayor Andrew Ginther during a community meeting at Glenwood Community Center Tuesday evening.

Hilltop residents have seen past city plans come and go over the years with little actual improvement. They have watched the revitalization of the Short North, Olde Town East, Italian Village, and Franklinton.

Longtime Hilltop business owner Tod Siefert said it may finally be the Hilltop’s turn for redevelopment.

“We weren’t number one,” Siefert says. “But as other places get fixed, our number’s coming up. I think the Hilltop will do better over time. As long as Columbus is on this rocket trajectory up, Hilltop will get better.”

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