COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A video recorded Monday night showed someone with an entire tree on their back stealing a lightbulb from a home near Hilliard, but the two items weren’t the only things taken.

The Columbus Division of Police — who has jurisdiction over the area where the theft occurred — said officers received a report of a suspicious person and had investigated in the 3000 block of Kilcullen Drive. The caller told police that a man with long hair and a camo shirt was there and carrying “some kind of tree branch behind his head.”

A couple’s Wyze doorbell camera caught a person matching that description approaching their Kilcullen home at 9:37 p.m. that night. In the video, they walked up to the home’s front porch with an entire tree stuffed into the back of their sweatshirt. The person went directly for the light to the left of the door and unscrewed it from the socket.

(Courtesy Photo/Jessica Luedike and Benjamin Miller)

When the lightbulb went out after being removed, the person paused and looked directly at the doorbell camera. They then turned around and ran away in the same direction they came from, with the stolen tree’s branches rustling above them.

A post on Nextdoor seemed to show the tree’s original home. Lisa Thompson said someone cut down her redbud tree overnight, and removed it from her yard in the 700 block of Prairie Road.

“I was just sad my tree was gone,” Thompson told NBC4. “I was looking forward to purple flowers on all my trees in the spring.”

However, the tree stump in Galloway is nearly 20 minutes away from where a tree showed up on camera. Thompson’s tree also went missing Saturday night, rather than Monday.

Thompson said she believes the tree seen in the doorbell camera video is a different one from her redbud. She thinks there were two separate tree thefts — plus a lightbulb — over the span of a few days. The Galloway woman told NBC4 she was opting not to file a report with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, and is accepting the stolen tree as a loss.