COLUMBUS (WCMH) — As rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine booster gets underway, doctors are reminding people about the importance of getting unvaccinated individuals to roll up their sleeves.

They’re encouraging those who are eligible to get their boosters but add getting more people to start the vaccination process is what will help bring numbers down.

“Right now, we have plenty of vaccine for everyone, so our primary push should be the initial vaccination for COVID because that’s really going to be the vaccination that changes the surge in the community and the hospitals,” said Dr. Mark Herbert, Infectious Disease Specialist with Mount Carmel.”

He says the state should not lose focus on the goal of getting the overall vaccination numbers up. 53.85% of the state has started the vaccination process, according to data from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Dr. Herbert is hoping the eagerness of those getting boosters will inspire those who haven’t gotten the first shot yet.

“I’m hopeful that people who were reluctant to start the vaccine process will see others continuing the vaccine process and realize this is best for the community at large,” said Dr. Herbert.

Columbus Public Health (CPH) just started offering boosters this week. They are offering those shots and first doses at vaccine sites they have already been using. This is so CPH can offer the boosters while also continuing to reach community members who have not started the vaccination process, according to Dr. Mysheika Roberts, Health Commissioner of Columbus Public Health.

“You don’t need to run to get your booster, you can walk to get your booster but if you haven’t been vaccinated, I want you to run in,” said Dr. Roberts.