COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– A one-of-a-kind event will hit the hardwood of Nationwide Arena this spring.

Community leaders revealed Tuesday that the College Basketball All-Star Game & Celebrity Extravaganza will be held in Columbus.

In 2004 the event became the first college all-star game of its kind to be played in NBA arenas.

And while for many athletes the event is an opportunity to showcase in front of thousands what they can do on the court, it’s also an opportunity to highlight the leaders HBCUs produce off the court.

Like the Classic for Columbus football game at Ohio Stadium this past August, the event will showcase the top seniors from HBCUs all around the country, competing against players from other Ohio universities— including Ohio State senior Kyle Young who will participate.

“To have an event like this come to Columbus just fills my heart with excitement, gratitude, and joy,” says Clark Kellogg, an Ohio native and former Ohio State basketball player. “It’s about the impact it can have as it relates to celebrating, uplifting, empowering, encouraging, and inspiring dreams.”

The five-day event will be filled with fashion, entertainment, music, and festivities.

The event is expected to bring a $10 million economic impact to central Ohio, and it will also generate around $300,000 in scholarship funds.

Devin Green, a Beechcroft graduate, used the opportunity to catapult himself to a more than 15-year professional career.

“I’m an alum of this event, I’m a product of this platform, I’m a proud HBCU alum, I’m an Ohio native, and lastly I love my culture and my community,” says Green.

With scouts, agents, and thousands of fans on hand, both Green and Kellogg say the event is an opportunity for them to give back to the game.

“It’s my responsibility on so many different levels to be an inspiration to the next generation of student-athletes, and this event is a culmination of that,” Green adds.

The event will take place April 20-24, with the All-Star Game and Celebrity Game on the 23rd.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at

NBC4 is the official sponsor of the HBCU Classic for Columbus College Basketball All-Star Game.