GROVEPORT, Ohio (WCMH) – Groveport police have released the names of the two people killed in what they call a “targeted domestic violence attack.”

The Groveport Division of Police initially said it was having difficulty identifying either the suspect or the victim in an area warehouse shooting because they both were immigrants, and fingerprinting records came back inconclusive. Police added that both of them were originally born in Haiti, and unlawfully entered the U.S.

“According to Homeland Security, both individuals were here under ‘non-lawful status’ and any ID they provided to employers was most likely fraudulent,” Lt. Josh Short said Tuesday.

Columbus Police cruisers on the scene at SK Foods in Groveport after a shooting in the warehouse. (NBC4 Photo/Ronald Clark)

Officers originally went Monday morning to the SK Food Group warehouse on reports of an active shooter. They found out that a man, identified as Delinx Agenord, went into the locker area of the building and shot a woman, Mislande Azar, multiple times. Groveport police said Agenord then ran away from the building and climbed a utility pole down the road. He came into contact with power lines, electrocuting him.

The shooting killed Azar, and Agenord died from his injuries from being shocked, despite a witness’s attempt to save him.

Azar was a mother of three children who all live in the Dominican Republic with extended family. Groveport police said they don’t know if Agenord was the father of her children.

No other employees were hurt in the shooting, and police said they never fired any shots when they responded. Because it was a targeted incident, they are not looking for any other suspects.