GROVEPORT, Ohio (WCMH) — A new kind of gas station has just opened for business in Groveport, and its first client is a massive national corporation.

Calling it the “first station of its kind,” Clean Energy Fuels Corporation cut the ribbon Wednesday on a renewable natural gas station at 5900 Green Pointe Dr. The RNG fuel it provides is intended as a replacement for diesel, and is sourced from methane in livestock manure. CEFC’s intention is an environmentally-friendly fuel, which it said cuts carbon emissions by around 300% when used instead of diesel in freight trucks.

The station’s first “anchor customer” will also ensure plenty of freight trucks get that opportunity. CEFC said the Groveport station was built exclusively for Amazon’s distribution truck fleet to use RNG. However, a CEFC spokeswoman added it would be open to taking on additional local fleets interested in trying the cleaner fuel. They noted that 19 similar gas stations are under construction across the country.

The new renewable natural gas station will also open up a new income opportunity for Ohio farmers. Specifically for the Groveport station, CEFC said it made a partnership with South Fork Dairy Farm to source their manure for RNG. Construction crews will also build a large tank to collect manure at the farm. This will trap methane gas as the manure decomposes, preventing it from contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and allowing it to be processed and purified to make RNG locally.

(Courtesy Photo/Raleigh Gerber)

From here, RNG processing tanks like the one at South Fork Dairy Farm will have a direct pipeline to RNG stations for fueling. Learn more about RNG and CEFC’s new station here.