GROVEPORT, Ohio (WCMH) – In response to a string of safety incidents including a loaded gun on school grounds and a fight involving dozens of students, the Groveport Madison School District hosted a safety meeting Tuesday.

At that meeting, school board members were joined by high school administrators to discuss ways to get a better understanding of some of the issues within the high school.

Among the ideas was starting a student advisory board as well as a similar board for parents. The members would be selected by application and would serve as the voice for their entities and keep board members in the loop with identifying issues and potential problem-solving.

“Yes, we have some safety concerns now but overall, having the students be more active in the decisions that affect their school lives, that doesn’t have to be solely about safety or anything like that,” said board member Chris Snyder. “They can have their voices heard by us.”

The board also discussed meeting with a cross-section of students from the high school as sort of a focus group in order to hear from students who may not typically apply for a council-type position but could still offer valuable insight into any safety concerns