GROVEPORT, Ohio (WCMH) — Changes are coming to the Groveport Madison School District after the board of education unanimously approved a new comprehensive school safety plan.

The approval comes after several incidents, including large fights and loaded guns brought to school.

The new comprehensive safety plan is the result of a survey sent to high school staff, families, and students in response to those events.

The district looked at the results and came up with changes they believed will change the culture in the district.

Tuesday’s vote by the Groveport Madison Board of Education is the district’s first step toward making changes members believe are necessary.

“Our focus here with this comprehensive plan is about changing the culture so that people feel safe,” Groveport Madison Superintendent James Grube said.

One of the big changes coming to the schools will be metal detectors. Survey results showed more than 50% of staff and students wanted entry metal detection on campus. That number was more than 90% for parents.

“None of us want a knife or a gun to get into a school, of course, but our focus here with this comprehensive plan is about changing the culture so that people feel safe,” Grube said. “They know they’re safe.”

Other changes include two more school resource officers, five more school nurses, and a coordinator to oversee social, emotional, and mental health services.

Board member Libby Gray believes this is the right move.

“I like this approach because we are not taking care of just one problem, or multiple problems,” she said. “We’re trying to solve the problem as a whole rather than just one tiny piece of that problem because, in the end, it’s all about safety.”

Grube echoed that sentiment.

“Kids today face a lot more challenges than we ever did and we will really never understand,” he said. “So this is an approach to really make a change or impact in the nature and climate and culture of our school and making people feel save and engaged in their education.”

There is no set date for the plan’s rollout, but the goal is for the fall.

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