GROVEPORT, Ohio (WCMH) – Another central Ohio school district is considering adding weapons detection technology to its buildings.

Columbus high schools started using a new system this week, and now Groveport Madison Schools is looking at getting new equipment as well.

At a special meeting Wednesday night, there was a presentation from a weapons detection technology company. Board members had a chance to see how the system works and ask questions.

It’s the second company the district has gotten a presentation from.

If the district decides to add either of the systems, parents at the meeting recommended the system is used at all the district’s school buildings.

“With everything going on across the country and what we’ve experienced ourselves, there’s the heightened sense of need to do something,” said Groveport Madison Schools spokesman Jeff Warner. “So we’re looking at this from a holistic manner, from a mental health standpoint, student support, and what we could do with additional safety services at our schools, including potentially metal or weapon detectors.”

“The reality is we’ve seen different messages, whether it’s a picture that goes out in a text message, weapons making their way into school is a reality of something we have to deal with in this day and age, and an unwillingness to attack it is just ignorance, but it’s going to happen,” parents Joseph and Lisa Butts said.

The district spokesperson said there is no timeline for when a final decision on whether the district will add the new technology.