GROVE CITY, Ohio (WCMH) — A Grove City elementary student brought an unloaded gun to school on Wednesday, school officials said.

A staff member at Monterey Elementary School found the firearm in a “self-contained” classroom Wednesday at approximately 9:31 a.m., according to a news release from the South-Western City School District.

Building administrators notified the Grove City Police Department, whose officers confiscated the unloaded gun and will investigate the case.

According to police, the child showed the gun to a teacher, who immediately notified school staff.

The student did not make any threats to anyone at the school, police said.

All students and staff are safe, the district said, and the discovery of the weapon did not disrupt the routines of the majority of people inside the building.

The district encouraged families to screen backpacks or other items before their child arrives at school.