GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Grandview Heights family said this holiday season will not be the same as they are now left searching for answers to their loved one’s death.

The family of 57-year-old Stephen Albright said he was a person who showed being peaceful and loving is the right way to be in this world.

Albright was found unconscious with head and face injuries near the railroad tracks on 5th Avenue a week ago. He died from those injuries four days later. Grandview Heights police have since been handling the case as a death investigation, though they initially called it a felonious assault investigation.

Police have released pictures of two people of interest in the investigation.

James Albright, Stephen’s brother, said the family’s focus right now is keeping Stephen’s spirit alive and finding those persons of interest.

“He really was the best of us,” James Albright said.

James Albright said his brother was a giver and helping others was in his nature.

“If there ever was a person who would indicate that being peaceful, loving, family-oriented and just a good old soul was appropriate for this world, he was the one,” he said.

James said the night of the incident, Steve had dropped his daughter off at a class and decided to go for a run as he often does.

When Stephen’s wife alerted him of what happened, James Albright came to Columbus right away. He said sitting by his brother’s side in the hospital was one of the hardest things he’s had to do.

“I drew strength from his wife and his daughters who were there by his side and, you know, just deeply committed to being there while he was still alive. I cried more than I’ve ever cried,” James Albright said.

James calls what happened to his brother senseless and now the focus needs to be on finding the people of interest in the incident.

Grandview Heights Police are looking for a man and a woman they believe to have information about the incident. Police released pictures and videos of the two people. They say the people of interest were riding bikes in the area of 5th Avenue at the time.

“We’ve received a number of messages, I know, that have been forwarded to the police, that these are well-known individuals,” James Albright said. “So, it’s less a question of, you know, how do we help identify them? And more like where could they be? The sad, sad irony here is that it appears Steve was killed by people who, in many ways, he would have done much in his life to help them.”

James said if he could say one final thought to his brother, it would be this. 

“I will not forget you and I will dedicate my time to be more like you,” he said.

James said he is asking the community to keep Stephen’s wife and teenage daughters in their thoughts and help them through this tough time.

Grandview Heights police asked anyone with any information about the pair’s whereabouts to call 614-488-3157.