COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Today at the Governor’s Summit on COVID-19 Preparedness, a plan was laid out by the Ohio Department of Health on what the state will do in the case of a positive coronavirus test. 

“I can’t really say it will be here today, it will be here tomorrow all we know is that we’re ready for it when it does show up,” said Tamara McBride, Chief of the Office of Health Preparedness. 

Benjamin Robison, the Emergency Response Unit Supervisor said in the case of a positive result a three-prong approach will be taken.

The case will immediately have a follow up to identify anyone who was exposed to the person before and after symptoms appeared.

At the same time, the department will identify and inform key leaders in the region and will also look at what unique needs the area could have in the case of an outbreak.

Finally, a press conference will be called to inform the public of the positive result. 

“There’s no delay and we are making sure we are moving effectively so that Ohio is kept safe,” said Robison. 

Dr. Amy Acton, the Director of Ohio Department of Health said the rate Coronavirus is spreading is unprecedented and that’s why unprecedented efforts are being taken but the department is also relying on past experiences when preparing for a possible spread in Ohio.

“We’ve been through SARS, we’ve been through MERS, we’ve been through H1N1, we’ve been most recently through Ebola. So it’s important that we just rely back on those relationships we’ve built and those plans that were written,” said McBride.