COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a release from the Governor’s office, DeWine tested positive after he took a test for COVID-19 as part of the standard protocol to greet President Donald Trump on the tarmac at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland. 

DeWine says he has no symptoms of the virus, other than a headache. He says he often has headaches.

The governor returned to his home in Cedarville, Ohio, after a brief stop at the Governor’s Mansion in Bexley. While at the Governor’s Mansion, the governor and his wife, First Lady Fran DeWine underwent another test.

Those tests results came back negative.

DeWine told NBC4 he is feeling “good” and the news of his positive COVID-19 is a “big surprise.”

During a news conference, DeWine said today’s test was the first since he publicly demonstrated testing on June 23.

The governor says he is still trying to figure out where he could have caught the virus, given the limited number of people he has been around.

He says he still plans to deliver his previously-scheduled briefing on Friday, but that will take place at his home as he quarantines.

DeWine, at 73 years old, is the second-oldest governor in the U.S., behind Alabama’s 75-year-old governor Kay Ivey. He is also at a greater risk of health complications because of his age.

The Ohio Department of Health categorizes COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations by eight age groups in mostly 10-year increments. DeWine falls into the 70-79 category, which ranks second in deaths and hospitalizations.

DeWine’s office says he plans to follow protocol for COVID-19 and quarantine at his home in Cedarville for the next 14 days.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted also took the COVID-19 test today as part of the protocol to greet the president.  Lt. Governor tested negative.

After landing in Ohio, President Trump took a moment to acknowledge the governor’s positive test and wish him well.

Just over two weeks ago, Governor DeWine made it mandatory to wear masks while in public in each of Ohio’s 88 counties.

The latest coronavirus case numbers for the state will be released by the Ohio Department of Health around 2 p.m.