COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Governor Mike DeWine announced the signing of a health order that provides guidelines for Ohio sports to move forward this fall.

DeWine announced he would be signing the order during his Tuesday briefing. DeWine added schools will also be allowed to play fall sports in the spring if that’s what they decide to do.

The 12-page order spells out all the rules for youth, collegiate, amateur, club and professional sports.

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“We will not have spectators other than family members or people very close to that particular child,” DeWine said.

Spectators must wear a mask at games, including those that take place outdoors.

Gov. DeWine said marching bands and cheerleaders will also be allowed and family members of those two groups will be allowed to watch the sport in person.

“I hope that the desire to have a season will inspire our young people, our student-athletes 24-7 to be as careful as they can,” DeWine said. “If it goes off the rails, don’t doubt that we’ll step in.”

The order included guidance for crowd capacity at sporting events.

Gov. DeWine said all sports will be allowed as long as teams meet guidelines laid out by the OHSAA and the Ohio Department of Health. DeWine said the guidelines will be laid out later on Tuesday or early on Wednesday.

Gov. DeWine said these guidelines are for not only high school athletes but all athletes and teams in the state. Lt. Gov Jon Husted added the OHSAA will have oversight at games to check that schools are enforcing state guidelines for sports.