There is everything at the Columbus International Auto Show.

They have cars from across the globe. But there is one vehicle being featured that is made right here in our backyard.

It’s a new “truck” Jeep Wrangler and it’s made in Toledo. It is the Wrangler body but with a truck bed.

This is the first of its kind being produced in over 30 years.

The Columbus Auto Show Director, Kelly Danison, says the Gladiator is making a major statement across the state, but especially in Toledo.

“There is a lot of hometown pride there for this particular vehicle,” said Danison.

“When we had the Toledo show they were running from the entrance back to see the Gladiator,” she said.

Toledo currently makes all the Wranglers but they can now add this to their list.

The makers of the truck decided to add a special touch to the special truck.

“They put a little signature in the truck bed,” explained Danison.

The indentation in the Gladiators bed says “Heart 419,” which is the area code in Toledo.