GALLOWAY, OH (WCMH) — Local couple Travis and Holly Hancock quit their day jobs to start making board games.

Their business, Façade Games, has hit over $1 million in sales. They’ve sold over 50,000 games so far.

“It did really well. A lot better than we thought, so I ventured out, quit my job, started doing it full time,” said Travis.

He quit his digital marketing job in Spring 2015 around the same time their first game, “Salem 1692” raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter. Holly used to be an elementary school teacher until May last year. They just had their daughter, Margo, last summer.

“I think it’s a response to technology, actually,” said Travis. “People just craving that need to get off their phones and look at real people and touch real things and just play games together.”

Their second game, “Tortuga 1667,” did even better, bringing in $400,000 and their most recent game “Deadwood 1876” raised $587,000.

“(They’re) based on an actual event that was happening,” said Holly. “‘Salem’ is based on the Salem Witch Trials. Tortuga is an actual island near Haiti. It was like a pirate safe haven and then this one (‘Deadwood’) is kind of focused on the gold rush.”

Travis focuses on the concepts of the games and the business side of things, while his wife Holly creates the graphic designs. He said their passion for board games is a testament to his childhood and family, gathered around a table spending time together.

“We plan on keep making games,” he said. “It’s definitely seen a resurgence. There’s a lot of companies making games now. A lot of people playing them.”

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