GAHANNA, Ohio (WCMH) — For the first time in nearly 30 years, the Gahanna Jefferson school district is opening a brand-new school.

“You know, we haven’t done this for 27 years, so it’s a big day Thursday,” said Steve Barrett, superintendent of Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools.

This week, Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools replaced its old Lincoln Elementary school building with a brand new one.

Barrett gave a tour of the new facility, saying the district kept the building’s name the same, but increased its size and classrooms.

“So this is phase 1 of our master facilities plan, building this elementary, we renovated classrooms throughout the district with new flooring, new furniture, new lighting,” Barrett said.

Barrett said the new building covers 82,000 square feet with five classrooms per grade level. The building also has two floors with 30 classrooms, accommodating approximately 750 students.

“So to build Lincoln Elementary, it was $24 million,” Barrett said. “We finished a little under budget.”

With a massive gymnasium, two music rooms, multiple art classes, and a media center, Barrett said the district is proud to have come in under budget.

One of the most unique things about the building are the sensory areas, which are in the school’s hallways, to help students who are going through a difficult time, Barrett said.

“And what this is, if a student is having a moment that’s difficult, they can come here, there will be an individual that will interact with them, help them do some calming exercises, and get them ready to go back into the classroom,” Barrett said.