COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The family of Casey Goodson Jr. said their final goodbyes during a private funeral service on Wednesday.

With the family’s permission, NBC4 will provide a live stream of the service, for people who want to help celebrate his life.

The funeral service began with uplifting music until the opening pastor approached the podium around Noon.

“Lives of good man, like Casey, all remind us we can make our lives sublime and in the passing, we leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time,” said the pastor as he recited a poem. As he spoke family and friends approached the coffin, laying flowers on of it.

“People can either make their names something great or make something terrible and Casey lived up to his name, Goodson. He was a good son. Good son to Tamala, good son to [his] grandma, and a good son to his sibling and he’s a good son to this city,” said the pastor while adding, “And this city is the less because Casey does not walk among us anymore.”

After asking the audience to celebrate Casey with applause, the pastor said this before leaving the podium, “He did it right, he lived right, he loved right, he walked right and even though he didn’t die right, good is going to come out of it.”

Next to the podium was family attorney Shawn Walton, who told the audience, “Casey didn’t deserve anything that day, but to be left alone and to be happy with his family,” Walton said.

The attorney told the audience about the last conversation he had with a fried, concerning his future.

“…he just wanted his life to mean something. He didn’t want an ordinary life, that he wanted his life to have an impact on the world, said the attorney, while quoting a friend of Casey’s, ” Casey truly had no idea, just how much…not only his life but also his death, would change this world. Casey Christopher Goodson Jr. will change our world.”

After Walton finished his speech, Casey’s sibling came to the podium to give her final remarks.

“I didn’t go up in a church and I’m not the most spiritual person but I feel like this is a spiritual thing for me as well. I love you, Casey. “

Tamala, Casey’s mother came to the podium as well, “This is a very trying time, but I have been able to find my comfort in God, says Tamala, “This is beyond a tragedy, this is beyond a great lost. This is heart-breaking.”

She went on to say, “I believes Casey’s purposes is to change the world. I believe Casey’s name will save many other little black and brown boys, adding, “I believe my son’s name will ring across mountains.”

The 23-year-old Columbus man was shot and killed by a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy on Dec. 4

Although the investigation is still ongoing, the updates from those investigators have gone quiet.  A representative from the office of U.S. Attorney David DeVillers said there is no new information to share. A spokesperson for the Columbus police said the same.

The representatives were specifically asked if Deputy Jason Meade, who shot Goodson, has been interviewed. That, and that any specific facts of the case, will not be released for a while. 

The FBI is investigating whether Goodson’s civil rights were violated when he was shot and killed. Police are investigating the shooting itself. 

Watch the full clip of the service above.