COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Although 2020 – with its once-in-a-century pandemic – may have been the worst year since a time when the automobile was first invented, Ohio drivers won’t see “FU2020” on a license plate.

That plate, as well as “F 2020,” FK 2020” and “WTF 2O2O,” is one of the 462 requested vanity license plates that the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles rejected last year. NBC4 obtained the full list via public records request.

Among the handful of rejected plates that were distinctly 2020 had nods to coronavirus like “FK COV1D,” “FK COVID” and “F U COVID.”

And others got political, disparaging presidential candidates Joe Biden and President Donald Trump with “F U BIDEN” and “FUK TRMP.”

Another plate, “F CAROL B,” rejected in April, may have referred to the Netflix show “Tiger King,” which premiered in March and featured an animal sanctuary owner named Carole Baskin who may be connected to her husband’s mysterious death.

Illustration by Andy Long/NBC4

And a few other plates tried to contribute to the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry with “MCHSUX,” “UM SCKS” and “F1CHGN.”

The vast majority of the denied plates, however, were various degrees of vulgar, eluding to a number of bodily functions. Ohio has specific rules for custom license plates that ban profane and sexual language and plates that could provoke violence or lawlessness.

View the full list of plates rejected in 2020 here. (Viewer discretion advised.)