LOS ANGELES (KRON) – Mustard + ice cream.

Does the thought of it make you want gag or drool?

Some of you may soon find out!

French’s, which is America’s largest manufacturer of mustard, announced on Wednesday it is partnering with Los Angeles-based ice cream company Coolhaus to create the mustard ice cream just in time for National Mustard Day on Saturday.

The special mustard ice cream will be available for a limited time-only starting Aug. 1 in Los Angeles and New York City.

French’s described the ice cream as “delivering its bold, one-of-a-kind flavor” that’s “the perfect summer treat to be enjoyed poolside, at a birthday party, and as the perfect ending at a backyard barbecue.”

The ice cream even comes with pretzels!

If you can’t make it to Los Angeles or NYC to get the ice cream in person, French’s has published an at-home recipe for those of you wanting to try to make it on your own!

Mustard Ice Cream is available at Coolhaus’ location in Culver City, California, from Aug. 2-4 and Aug. 9-11. French’s Mustard Ice Cream truck will be hitting the streets of New York City on Aug. 1 and 2 before making its way out to the Hamptons on Aug. 3.

Would you try it? Here’s some of the reaction on social media discussing the yellow ice cream: