COLUMBUS (WCMH) — For anyone stuck inside during this hot, sticky, muggy weather, think about heading over to one of the city’s local pools.

To help residents beat the heat, the city of Columbus has waived admission fees this weekend at the pools.

With Saturday’s 90-degree-plus temperatures that feel like it’s in the triple digits, taking a swim in one of the pools can be the place to be.

“When I come to the pool, I like to swim underwater,” said Veangel Cook, who was swimming at Tuttle Pool Saturday with her family.

Driving Pool on Rhoads Avenue was filled with families in and out of the water.

Many took the day to splash around with friends while other like Alyssa Guinn and her daughter Aleena took the occasion to celebrate a birthday.

“It is a beautiful day,” said Alyssa Guinn. “We came out here to celebrate. Say, ‘It’s my fourth birthday, Aleena.”

“It’s my fourth birthday, Aleena,” Guinn’s daughter replied.

With the scorching hot temperatures, the city wanted everyone in Columbus to be able to have a place to cool off. Waiving the $1 admission fee allowed many to take advantage of what the city’s Parks and Recreation Department has to offer.

“It is wonderful that they let everyone come out here for free,” Alyssa Guinn said.

“It makes me feel good knowing that they allow us to come in today free of charge, all we needed was our leisure cards,” said Destiny Lauderdale. “Bring something real light to eat. It lets me know that they care about the community and the children.”

Another way to stay cool is to hit up the city’s libraries or rec centers, both of which will stay open until 9 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.