COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — With open arms and hearts, Jericho’s Light Club has welcomed the poor and disadvantaged into its doors, offering meals and ministry to those in need.

“They feel human, is the first thing that they tell us, they feel loved, they feel welcomed,” said Royal Schultz, administrator for Jericho’s Light Club, which is affiliated with One Way Street Ministries.

Schultz said the impact in the Franklinton community has been felt for more than 15 years, and they treat each individual who walks in as family.

“That may change their heart, and if you change their heart, it changes their life,” Schultz said.

However, as a non-profit which relies heavily on donor support, Schultz said the club has struggled during the pandemic. Due to a clause in its lease agreement, he said the group’s time in the building will come to a close at the end of the month. But, he’s more concerned for those that they serve.

“They fear that they’re not going to have a place to eat, they fear that they’re going to be out there invisible again, or considered the dredge of society,” Schultz said.

It’s why Jericho’s Light Club is working to come up with a plan to feed and fellowship with people on the street until it can eventually find a new home in the community.

“We definitely need volunteers,” Schultz said. “We need volunteer serving groups as well, but we aren’t pushing for that until we find a place where we can stay.”

The ministry will have its normally scheduled services on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before closing its doors to the public.