COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Ohio school districts are set to reopen on March 1st, but one inner-city school in Columbus is already ahead of the curve.

Franklinton High School has been holding in-person classes since last fall, and they’ve done it without a single transmission of COVID.

School officials say it’s all thanks to some effective social distancing techniques.

“Open windows, hand sanitation stations, everybody wears masks all the time and we also practice social distancing,” said Principal Martin Griffith, of Franklinton High School.

Since last year, Principal Griffith says they’ve been implementing strict measures to keep students safe.

For example, introducing block scheduling, which limits the amount of time students come into contact with each other.

“When we do transition between classes, we follow the six feet protocols, we’ve done the arrows in the hallway that are six feet placed apart. And our teachers are very good at making sure that the protocols we’ve developed are followed,” said Principal Griffith.

However, it’s not just the teachers.

Students are helping too by wiping down surfaces, getting their temperatures taken, and dressing warmly so they can keep windows open to ventilate the classroom.

And students say being in the classroom has allowed them to better engage and focus, compared to online.

“I like the activities, you know, how the people cooperate and how people be friendly. It’s actually fun here,” said Daquan Bronson, a 10th grade student at Franklinton High School.

“Online was ok, but he needed to be able to hear from his teachers in person,” said Katrina Blackwell, Bronson’s mother.

And that positive experience, is something the staff here say they hope to continue.

“I can’t emphasize enough, how teens feel at this stage in their life, disconnected from each other, and disconnected from the adults who love and care for them in a school setting,” said Principal Griffith. “For us to be able to continue that, I think has been a game-changer.”