COLUMBUS (WCMH) — With local law enforcement cracking down on reckless ATV use on city streets, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office shared video Wednesday showing a motorcycle crashing into one of its cruisers.

Deputies say the incident happened Saturday near the intersection of Whittier and Front streets, near the Brewery District.

The footage showed one sheriff’s cruiser following another. The cruiser in front activated its lights when a motorcycle swerved off the road to avoid it and crashed into the front end of the trailing cruiser.

Two deputies got out of each cruiser and headed in the direction of the motorcyclist. A conversation can be heard off-camera.

“Let me see your hands,” one deputy is heard saying.

“Why’d you hit me like that?” the motorcyclist said.

“You ran into me!” one deputy responded. “Are you kidding me right now? I had my lights and siren on. I was trying to get away from you. You were fleeing from the police, and you want to know why?”

“I’m not fleeing, I’m driving,” the motorcyclist said.

“You’re not fleeing, really?” the deputy said. “You were fleeing, dude.”

The deputies checked for the damage to the cruiser and showed it to the motorcyclist, who didn’t seem to realize that he had struck the cruiser.

The motorcyclist was charged with failure to control and operating a motor vehicle without a license.