GALLOWAY, Ohio (WCMH) — Two people were killed Friday night in Galloway after a shooting, according to a Franklin County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson.

The sheriff’s office confirmed that deputies arrived at the scene just before midnight on Friday at the 300 block of Idlebrook Place.

A suspect is not in custody, according to the sheriff’s office.

No further information is known at this time as the investigation is ongoing.

Neighbors in the area said they were pretty shaken up after the incident in which a dozen emergency vehicles were at the scene from about 11:40 p.m. Friday until 6 a.m. Saturday.

When neighbors Erika Pape and Cathie Wade heard about the shooting, they said they felt scared.

“You just don’t think about it right next door, down the road from you,” Pape said.

“I mean, lots of children, lots of children in the neighborhood,” Wade added.

Wade said in her 30 years of living in the neighborhood, she doesn’t remember anything like this happening.

Neighbors said Idlebrook Place is a pretty tight community but said no one has really gotten to know the people who lived in the house where the shooting happened.

“There’s multiple people in and out of that house, driving in and out, so now idea who actually lives there,” Pape said.

Lynann Newsome lives two houses down from the scene of the shooting, saying sheriff’s deputies knocked on her door around midnight to look at the footage from her security camera, looking for clues.

“The sheriff came back to my house at around 1:30 to ask some more questions and at that point, they told us someone had been shot, and then later we learned that two people had been shot and had both passed,” she said.

Newsome said she did not know if deputies found what they were looking for, but she hopes they do soon for the safety of her neighborhood.

“If this had been during the day, a lot of times, we are outside playing in the yard with the kids and it’s literally two houses down,” Newsome said.

The sheriff’s office has not identified the victims and continues to investigate the shooting.