COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Getting that friend sometimes has four legs. “Pablo” has been at the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center for more than six months. This neutered 1-year-old enjoys walks on a leash and when treats are involved, he’s willing to learn commands to sit and lie down.

“Pablo” was recently featured on the social media platform TikTok as a painter. Scan the picture QR code below to watch how trainers encouraged his painting.

If you look closely at the top center of the picture in the sky-blue paint, you may be able to see what appears to be a puppy smiling with an eye closed. This would pretty much represent the character of this Picasso wannabe.

Pablo’s puppy painting. By scanning the QR code with your device, you will be redirected to the social media site TikTok to see how Pablo painted the picture.

On his web page, the shelter describes him as a dog that is there to please you.

“Pablo is that friend who never stops smiling, the one who makes others feel included and is always there when you need a pick me up!”

To get “Pablo” or any other dog that has been at the shelter for more than 14 days, you only need $18.

If you enjoy cuddling on the couch and watching classic NBC Must See TV, you’ll love this descriptor:

The only thing Pablo loves more than snuggling is curling up on a soft and fluffy rug by your feet while binge-watching FRIENDS (again & again!)

Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center


Date In Shelter: 11/19/2021
Age: 1 Year 3 Months 2 Weeks
Breed: Large Mix Breed Mix
Weight: 46 Ibs
Size: Large
Primary Color: Brown
Secondary Color:
Sex: Neutered Male
OK with Dogs
Shelter Favorite
Recommend Kids 8+


Date In Shelter: 5/31/2022
Age: 4 Years (approx)
Breed: Mastiff Mix
Weight: 112 lbs
Size: Extra Large
Primary Color: Brown
Secondary Color:
Sex: Male


Date In Shelter: 5/30/2022
Age: 1 Year
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Weight: 46 Ibs
Size: Large
Primary Color: Black
Sex: Female
Busy Bee


Date In Shelter: 3/21/2022
Age: 2 Years 2 Months 3 Weeks
Breed: Pit Bull
Weight: 49.2 Ibs
Size: Large
Primary Color: White
Secondary Color: Brindle

Sex: Neutered Male
Busy Bee


Date In Shelter: 5/6/2022
Age: 6 Years 10 Months 3 Weeks (approx.)
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Weight: 48 Ibs
Size: Large
Primary Color: Tan
Secondary Color: White

Sex: Spayed Female
Busy Bee
No Cats