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Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival teaches children leadership, business skills

COLUMBUS, OH (WCMH) - The annual Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival is coming up fast.

The free, two-day event teaches children ages 5 to 18 how to start, own and run their own lemonade business. Children work with parents, teachers, business mentors and others to learn leadership, management, marketing, finance and sales skills in a 10-step guided curriculum.

Curt Caffey, the chairperson for the Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival, said 90% of children in the program are first-time participants this year.

“Word gets out through social media and word of mouth,” Caffey said. “Before we know it, we have a roomful at our workshops.”

If you would like to support the program, you can stop by any Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival Stand beginning Saturday, July 14. The bright yellow stands will be in various places around the county. The children set their own prices, so your lemonade could cost between $0.50 and $3. For more information, tap or click here.


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