COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A high-profile Franklin County Sheriff’s Office employee was forced to resign as a result of something he posted on Facebook.

Marc Gofstein had worked for the sheriff’s office as its spokesman. The resignation came after a post questioning the response to riots at the Capitol.

In a statement, Sheriff Dallas Baldwin said:

While I respect that my employees have First Amendment rights like anyone else, our official social media policy that every employee receives prohibits off-duty social media comments that would negatively affect the office, damage morale, our hurt our ability to protect the Franklin County families who count on us.

Recklessly criticizing an entire law enforcement agency, particularly one that just had one officer killed in the line of duty and another 49 officers injured while trying to protect the US Capitol during a riot is unfair, inappropriate, and a violation of our social media policy.

Gofstein said he stands by what he posted.

I am thankful for the insight, opportunity, and experience I obtained while working for the Sheriff. I gained tremendous respect and understanding for those who wear the badge and do their jobs honorably every day.

However, I completely stand by what I posted and what the world saw. The officers at the Capitol failed to do their jobs and, instead, let the mob rule. Many even stood next to the rioters and took selfies.

The raw emotion of what happened inspired me to comment, and I will never apologize for that. Nobody should ever have to apologize for speaking up and speaking out. Unfortunately, in doing so, I put the Sheriff in a position where he then asked for my resignation.

Marc Gofstein