Get ready, Mattis and Stark — you’re about to have two more coworkers!

Just a little over a year after the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office began its therapy dog program, Sheriff Dallas Baldwin announced the program is adding two more therapy K9s, doubling the unit’s size.

“Since we began this unit last year, the amount of demand for the service these dogs provide has been tremendous,” Sheriff Baldwin said. “With our two new deputy K9s, we will be able to serve even more people in need.”

The two new K9s, Kit and Woody, were sworn in after Sheriff Baldwin announced the expansion of the program at WAG! Fest at Prairie Oaks Metro Park.

Kit is a Standard Poodle and will be partnered with Sergeant Jason Ratcliff. Woody is a Labradoodle and will be partnered with Lt. Mike D’Errico.

Kit and Woody join therapy K9s Mattis, the adorable yellow Lab that became the department’s first therapy dog, and Stark, a lovable German Spitz.