A former program director at the Ohio State University filed a lawsuit against the school and her director claiming she was wrongfully terminated because of the color of her skin.

 Mary Faure filed the lawsuit against the Ohio State University and Monica Cox, the Chair in the Department of Engineering Education.

“I think the public should know what’s happening in the college of engineering,” Faure said.

At the time, Faure was the director of the engineering technical communications program.

Faure claimed she was terminated for racial reasons after 14 years by her supervisor who is black.

“I felt like I had to be the brave one and say hey this is not ok and I started with the EEOC complaint and got the right to sue letter,” Faure said.

Faure claimed Cox would make racist statements one stating in the lawsuit reads, “I despise white people”.

She said she went to HR on six different occasions, but nothing was documented.

“I didn’t understand why I was getting the follow up he promised me,” Faure said.

Then in 2017, a little more than a year after Cox was hired, Faure claimed she was fired without notice and Cox cited poor performance.

“Terrified that that could happen to me with no paper trail or no documented warning,” Faure said.

The lawsuit alleges that she never had a poor performance evaluation.

And in a performance review from 2016, Faure gave NBC4, it shows Cox put down either exceeds expectations or outstanding.

 “I was consistently above average as a teacher and in the eyes of a student and supervisors and I had many over the years,” Faure said.

NBC4’s Danielle Avitable reached out to OSU and was told, “We are aware of the lawsuit and are reviewing it.”

When we reached out to Cox for her side she said, “I have no comment. Thanks.”

Besides seeking money from the lawsuit, Faure said she wants people held responsible.

“Justice and hopefully a positive change in that administration,” Faure said.