COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Two former Ohio State University football players charged with rape and kidnapping were released from the Franklin County jail Thursday afternoon.

Amir Riep and Jashen Wint were dismissed from the OSU football program this  week after they turned themselves in to Columbus police.

Attorney Karl Schneider, representing Amir Riep said his client has fully cooperated with investigators. “It’s a tough place to be as a student athlete,,” Schneider said. “To be falsely accused and the consequences are just tremendous.”

At their arraignments, both defendants were ordered to stay away from the alleged victim. Bond for was set at $100,000 for Riep and $75,000 for Wint.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Franklin County Municipal Court, Riep and Wint have been charged with rape with threat of force and kidnapping to engage in sexual activity for an alleged incident that occurred on Feb. 4.

A police affidavit filed as part of the complaint alleges that Riep and a woman started having consensual sex, but the woman then said she did not want to continue.

Riep then allegedly forced her to continue, with Wint also taking part. The complaint alleges that Riep told the victim to record a video statement saying that everything was consensual.

Wint’s attorney Sam Shamansky said Wint is devastated by the allegations.

“He’s so innocent that he’s willing to take a polygraph and I’m curious whether his alleged victim is willing to to do the same,” Shamansky said. “I’m guessing the answer to that is an unequivocal, no.”

Shamansky said from what he knows about the case, there was no crime. 

“I will also ask you to consider that Columbus Police were scratching their heads for seven days,” Shamansky said. “Were my client a stone cold rapist and kidnapper, he wouldn’t have been on the street for seven minutes not to mention seven days. So this case is so full of reasonable doubt it’s beyond belief…but the reality is my kids innocent, period.”

A preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 21 at 9am but attorneys say the more likely next step is presentation to a grand jury to determine whether the two men should be indicted.