SHAWNEE HILLS, OH (WCMH) – A former Ohio State football player is facing a felonious assault charge after an incident during the Memorial Tournament weekend.

It happened Friday at the Bogey Inn in Shawnee Hills.

According to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Bogey Inn management asked special detail deputies to remove Kirk Barton from the bar because he was intoxicated and knocking people over due to his large size and stumbling around.

The sheriff’s office says deputies escorted Barton to a waiting taxi without incident and Barton entered the vehicle. When the taxi driver asked Barton for his address, he was unable to provide it.

The taxi driver then asked for Barton’s driver’s license. Barton handed a credit card to the driver.

A deputy helped Barton get his license and Barton handed it to the taxi driver.

The taxi driver handed the license to the deputy for help reading the small print of the address.

At that point, a deputy’s body camera video shows Barton’s hand take hold of the van door and slam it into the deputy’s arm.

According to the sheriff’s office, Barton did not respond to orders to get out of the van, and a Taser was used. A Taser was used a second time to get Barton out of the van.

Barton was charged with felonious assault on an officer. Bond was set at $5,000, which was posted Monday.