SUNBURY, Ohio (WCMH) — A blacktop truck flipped over, hit a car and spilled its load onto the road on Tuesday afternoon at about 4:15 p.m. between Harvest Wind and Medallion Road East.

The road was due to be closed until about 5:45 while the fire department cleaned it up, said Chief Steve Gammill of Genoa Township in a social media post.

No one was injured in the blacktop truck flipping accident, but soon officers had another accident to address.

“While officers were working the scene a car came flying through it crashing through the road closed sign, down a ditch, and back up on the road,” Gammill said.

“It went west on Medallion Rd. E. at a very high rate of speed until the 5700 block where it rear-ended a parked truck pushing it about 20 yards, taking out mailboxes and a fire hydrant. Fortunately, no pedestrians or kids were hit. That road is also closed but should open soon.”

An elderly driver was transported to an area hospital and officials say there were no signs of intoxication or serious injuries in that accident, either.

“I greatly appreciate all my officers who worked both scenes. I asked my Sergeant what he thought was going on on such a clear sunny day and he said, ‘It’s a full moon.’ He might be on to something,” Chief Steve Gammill concluded.